Evolution, Lucky Edition

We stumbled across this yesterday, quite by accident, while doing our grocery shopping.  It’s Evolution Wine, a blend of nine white varietals produced by Sokol Blosser Winery in Oregon.  Too bad it wasn’t around for Darwin Day back in February, but this vintage wasn’t released until September 9th.  Still, it’s the perfect choice for the upcoming 150th anniversary of the release of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species on November 24th.  And you know we’ll be celebrating that!

Another interesting twist to this wine: Evolution represents the thirteenth bottling for Sokol Blosser, so the company is having a bit of fun with that.  To avoid any unlucky associations with the number 13, they’re calling it their “Lucky Edition.”  It also so happens that November 13th falls on a Friday, so Evolution would be a good–albeit ironic–choice of beverage to enjoy while you scoff at all the friggatriskaidekaphobiacs.

Now, as I mentioned, we just bought our bottle yesterday, so we haven’t tasted it yet.  We’re saving it for November 24th.  But if anyone out there takes a swig, let us know what you think.  Meanwhile, feel free to share your suggestions for food or drink choices appropriate for a Darwinesque feast.

Finally, Sokol Blosser made this little video celebrating the release of Evolution.  It’s a little heavy on the woo, but it’s cute nonetheless.

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