Happy (2nd) Birthday to Us!

Today American Freethought is two years old.

On September 23, 2007 the URL “AmericanFreethought.com” was registered, and on the next day the first entry went online.

Over the course our second year, we’ve managed to post something on the blog almost every day.  We’ve released 37 podcast episodes and interviewed such luminaries as Eugenie C. Scott of the National Center for Science Education, American Humanist Association president Mel Lipman, folksinger Roy Zimmerman, YouTube sensation Laci GoGreen18, Galapagos Mountain Boys frontman Stephen Baird, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, biologist Ken Miller, JREF president Phil Plait, the hilarious Mr. Deity, award-winning sci-fi/fantasy author James Morrow, Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman, WhatstheHarm.net webmaster Tim Farley, psychology researcher Bruce M. Hood, author Robert Wright, SETI astronomer Seth Shostak, and several others.  We’ve performed live twice (once at the very first Atlanta Skepticamp, and again at Dragon*Con), reported from the Atheist Alliance International convention in California, the American Atheists convention in Atlanta, and the world-class Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum.  And there’s that whole urotherapy episode.

Thanks again to wifey Allison for her unflagging support, and to podcast co-host David Driscoll for adding the spark of conversation without which the show would be very boring indeed.

And, of course, thanks to you, our readers and listeners.  Your kind words and honest feedback make all the work worth the effort.

–John C. Snider

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