Podcast #77 – Sports Losses and Southern Crosses

University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy was sidelined with a shoulder injury early-on at college football’s 2010 Rose Bowl.  McCoy had to watch from the bench as Texas lost the National Championship to Alabama.  But that’s okay, ’cause it’s all part of God’s Plan.

Tiger Woods’ rumored infidelities have been all the rage with the tabloids, but who’da thunk Fox News pundit Brit Hume (not exactly an outspoken evangelical zealot) would make us forget all about it with his shoot-from-the-hip comparison of Buddhism and Christianity.

North Georgia parents Patty Jo Marsh and Jacob Bartels decided it was a good idea to give tattoos to six of their seven children.  Themselves.  With a homemade tattoo machine.  Now they’re charged with illegal tattooing, reckless conduct, and more.  Oh, did we mention the tattoos were of Christian crosses?

Also discussed in this episode:

David wonders if he can count his work for atheist non-profits in his company’s volunteerism program.

Mark your calendars: May 11, 2011 is the End of the World.  Or will be, according to often-wrong doomsayer and religious broadcaster Harold Camping.  We aren’t holding our breath, but a beer-fueled End of the World party 16 months from now doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

David will be speaking, in his capacity as ambassador for Atheist Alliance International, to the Secular Humanists of the Low Country.  That’s Saturday, January 17th in Charleston, South Carolina.  Here are the details.

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Recorded January 8, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

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