Anti-gay Senator is gay

Yeah, I know that sounds like a LOLCATS caption (it also sounds like one of those news-that’s-not-news items like “World’s Oldest Person Dies”), but apparently it’s true.  California State Senator Roy Ashburn is the latest anti-homosexual crusader who is himself a homosexual.  What is it with these people?  What’s worse than his political bigotry is the explanation he offers for his voting record: that that’s how he thought his constituents would want him to vote.  Now, I’m all for democracy, but not just undiluted mob rule.  Representative democracy means the people get a voice, but it also means that elected representatives have an obligation to do the right thing based on their own best judgment, not by putting a wet finger to the wind.  How sick do you have to be to repeatedly vote against the very thing that defines you?

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