Podcast #84 – Newdow in Flames

Comment Bander Fort Sans Viagra The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals has denied activist Michael Newdow’s lawsuits to challenge “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” on the currency.  We think the Court was cowardly and disingenuous.  Unfortunately, this is likely to be the last gasp in the decades-long struggle.  You can find links to the full texts of the Court’s opinions (including Judge Stephen Reinhardt’s scathing 120-page dissent) here.

http://datasciencemelbourne.com/?pot=How-To-Get-Off-Singulair&273=cb In other news…the city council of Roswell, Georgia has resoundingly turned back a suggestion to begin council meetings with prayer.  A surprising victory, but one we welcome nonetheless.

http://seatower.com/?wide=Prescription-Assistance-For-Crestor&63e=25 Plus: David reports on Secular Coalition executive director Sean Faircloth’s appearance at the Atlanta Freethought Society; meanwhile, John attends a Jewish funeral and a Buddhist wedding.

watch John and Allison will also be at the upcoming American Atheists convention in Newark, NJ, April 2-4.  We’ll actually be in the greater NYC are March 31 – April 5, and we welcome suggestions for places to eat, things to do, or stuff to see.

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Recorded March 21, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

To listen to this episode click here.

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3 Responses to Podcast #84 – Newdow in Flames

  1. jolly says:

    It is really obvious that the phrase ‘under god’ is considered a confirmation of an establishment of religion by just reading the thousands of letters about the subject in newspapers around the country whenever an article is written about this. There are lots of average citizens who point to this phrase on our money and in the pledge as proof that the U.S. is a christian nation. The fact that so many citizens have this opinion, makes it obvious that the phrase is helping to establish a religion in this country. I don’t know how any judge or anyone else can misconstrue this or be so gutless as to not point this out.

  2. mjosef says:

    Great shows, thanks for all the fine broadcasting.
    You say the court was “disingenuous,” – I say it was stupid, idiotic, fatuous – the majority’s opinion was rightfully scorned as “absurd” in Reinhardt’s contemptuous, brilliant dissent, but that is scant consolation. The second, decisive appeals judge is a Bahia, of all things, showing how religion lite can be equally pernicious when joined with Christian fundamentalism.
    All roads lead to the McCarthy era. Pledge, motto, military – we seem to be stuck forever in that insane epoch.

  3. Nasty Gash says:

    “One nation under god” does not specify whose god. So the Christians have no reason to claim that the nation was founded as a “Christian” one any more than Muslims could claim “Islamic” foundations or Pastafarians that the Flying Spaghetti Monster inspired its founding.

    “disingenuous,” “stupid”, “idiotic”, “fatuous”, “absurd” – all true; and I’ll add “contemptible” and “cynical”.

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