Podcast #85 – American Atheists Convention Part 1

go to site John reports (almost) live from the American Atheists Convention in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Day One speakers included Center for Inquiry’s Paul Kurtz, biologist/philosopher Massimo Pigliucci, UK-based National Secular Society’s Keith Porteous Wood, The God Virus author Darrel Ray, and newly-elected Asheville (NC) city councilman Cecil Bothwell.  Plus: Sightseeing in NYC, including an unexpected sighting of… Mandy Patinkin.

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Doxycycline Prescription Information Recorded April 3, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

To listen to this episode click here.

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One Response to Podcast #85 – American Atheists Convention Part 1

  1. Martin says:

    Great to hear the description of the convention – excellent show. By way of reaction –
    1. Your point about Mr. Brosntein seems to reinforce the move from Mr. Pigliucci away from NYC Atheists based on his dislike of Mr. Bronstein.
    2. Europe is indeed a model to emulate – ratings of countries place the Scandinavian countries far ahead of the US in relative economic fairness, health care, crime, literacy. One recent book book, Europe’s Promise, argues that Europe is in fantastic shape – which I’m sure it is, if only in comparison to our crumbling US.
    3. I guess Paul Kurtz saved his anti-atheism for another forum – his New Humanism equates the “New Atheists” with religious fundamentalists, a terrible error.
    4. At these conferences, how much chance is there for the rabble to speak? Personally, if I had to keep listening to Speeches by Names, I would start thinking of myself as a little parishioner. I enjoyed your reaction to the speeches as being much more informed and critical than the speeches themselves would most likely have been.

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