Podcast #87 – Natl Day of Prayer Unconstitutional

A judge has ruled the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional, handing Dan Barker’s Freedom from Religion Foundation a victory in its lawsuit against the federal government.  President Obama (who participated in the NDP last year) immediately said he would participate again this year.  The feds will appeal, and it’s likely this will be settled in the Supreme Court (although, the way that body has been ruling lately it’s likely the decision will be overturned).  And for those that are interested, there’s a counter-observance the same day as the NDP called the National Day of Reason.

The British Chiropractic Association has dropped its lawsuit against science journalist Simon Singh.  While it’s not an outright victory for Singh, the BCA hasn’t exactly made itself look good in all this.  Singh will now sue the BCA for the cost of defending himself, and will continue his quest to reform British libel law.

State legislators across America are pushing a surprising bit of preemptive legislation: banning the implantation of microchips into human beings without their consent.  What could be worrying these lawmakers so much that they take time away from solving the high unemployment and budget crises?  Could it be… Satan???

Just when we thought the proposal by Councilwoman Betty Price to begin Roswell (GA) city council meetings with prayer had been tamped down,the council entertained public comment on the subject, and AF’s John C. Snider stepped up to the mic.

Finally, we talk to Andrew Bush, a documentary filmmaker whose work-in-progress–“Southern Reason“–features the eminent hosts of American Freethought.  Check out AndrewBushFilms.com to watch clips and to see the film as it develops .  Also, check out Andrew’s new documentary Heart, Soul and Perseverance, a documentary that demystifies and celebrates the art of the ninja.

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Recorded April 19, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

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