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Hitch-22 book tour

For those interested in Christopher Hitchens’ upcoming memoir Hitch-22 (out June 2nd in hardcover from TWELVE), good news: ol’ Hitchy Hitch will be making several appearances nationwide.  You can find tour dates here.

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Podcast #89 – World Ends – Miss USA is a Muslim

OMFG and other exaggerations.  The new Miss USA is Rima Fakih, who hails from Dearborn, Michigan by way of Lebanon.  According to Ms. Fakih, her family is not terribly pious–apparently they observe both Muslim and Christian holidays, for example.  But … Continue reading

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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

May 20th is, in case you hadn’t heard, Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.  A Facebook group has been created as a form of free speech protest.  According to the creator of the group: “We are not trying to slander the average … Continue reading

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Atlanta Skepticamp!

Atlanta Skepticamp is happening right now!  (Or more specifically, 10AM-6PM May 15 & 16.)  I hope to see some of you there.  For more info visit . If you can’t make it… Check out the live streaming feed on … Continue reading

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Sam Harris puts the Pope in his crosshairs

I almost feel sorry for the Pope these days.   Okay, not really.  Honestly, I would love to be a fly on the wall when Ratzinger reads “Bringing the Vatican to Justice,” the latest essay from Sam Harris.  It’s a … Continue reading

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O’Reilly + Palin + Natl Day of Prayer = My Head Goes All Explody

If there’s a better example of chirpy, blithe, willful ignorance than this conversation self-perpetuating feedback loop between Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin, I would love to see it.  O’Reilly interviewed Palin during the recent May 6th observation of the recently-ruled-unconstitutional … Continue reading

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Mojave cross stolen

The controversial cross erected on formerly federal property to honor WWI veterans (and allowed to say in the recent Salazar v. Buono ruling by the Supreme Court) has been stolen.  While I’m not sorry to see this cross gone, I … Continue reading

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Podcast #88 – The cross stays (for now)

The Supreme Court has ruled that a Christian cross erected on federal land in the Mojave desert can say (for now).  Among other things, certain justices ((cough) Scalia (cough)) have decided that crosses are a universal symbol for the dead.  … Continue reading

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I’m walkin’ (on water) here!

Well now.  A 20-year-old woman driver struck a pedestrian whose actual name turns out to be…Lord Jesus Christ.  Although the article doesn’t say, I’m assuming this is the result of a legal name change.  Presumably his birth name was something … Continue reading

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Day of Prayer Becomes Culture War Skirmish

If you care, tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer, a Congressionally-declared event recently ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.  (In the shadow of the NDP is the lesser-known but laudable National Day of Reason–check the calendar for events near … Continue reading

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