Sam Harris puts the Pope in his crosshairs

I almost feel sorry for the Pope these days.   Okay, not really.  Honestly, I would love to be a fly on the wall when Ratzinger reads “Bringing the Vatican to Justice,” the latest essay from Sam Harris.  It’s a scathing summary, couched in the bluntest yet most eloquent language possible, of just how scandalous the Catholic church’s cover-up of pedophile priests has been.

Meanwhile, Ratzinger himself is admitting–finally–that the church’s problems are self-inflicted, and not the result of some anti-Catholic conspiracy.  “The greatest persecution of the church doesn’t come from enemies on the outside but is born from the sins within the church.”  The Pope added, “The church needs to profoundly relearn penitence, accept purification, learn forgiveness but also justice…Forgiveness cannot substitute justice.”  Whether justice means BOTH removing abusive priests from their positions AND turning them over to secular authorities for trial remains to be seen.

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