Liberty, meet Irony

Liberty “University” has announced that Ergun Caner has been forced to step down as dean of Liberty’s seminary.  Caner is a Swedish immigrant of Turkish/Swedish extraction who came to the US when he was three and became a Christian as a teenager.  He’s made a living since 9/11 touting his “Muslim-turned-preacher” credentials, and of course the evangelicals lapped it up like it was gravy.

The thing is, the details of Caner’s story kept changing, and when problems were pointed out to him he asked websites containing the incriminating material to remove it.  Anybody with the brains of a dishrag knows you can’t purge info off the internet–not without a lot of people knowing about it, anyway.

A Liberty committee found that Caner story contained “contradictory statements,” “discrepancies” and “misstatements,” and discovered “problems with dates, names and places.”  Hey waitaminnit: didn’t they just describe the Bible???  When did the evangelicals get all historical-critical on us?  I find it incredibly rich that the crowd who likes to tout the Swiss-cheese called The Holy Bible as perfect, complete, literal and non-contradictory would quibble about names and dates with the dean of one of their most successful schools.

Alas, it will all blow over soon.  Caner will still teach at the school, but will no longer be dean.

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