Podcast #95 – Hitch-22

Writer/activist Christopher Hitchens has announced he’ll be stepping out of the public light to undergo chemotherapy to treat esophageal cancer.  This is bad and scary news and we’re hoping for a speedy and relatively painless recovery.

Meanwhile, Hitchens has just published Hitch-22, a controversial memoir in which he reveals hitherto unknown details of his early life, and tries to explain his convoluted journey from hardcore Trotskyite to (for lack of a better term) neocon apologist.  It’s not a dull read, although much of the name-dropping will go over the heads of average American readers who only know Hitch from his recent elevation to the ranks of the Four Horsemen.  (Keep Wikipedia or Google handy and you’ll do just fine.)

Hitch-22 is available in hardcover, as an audiobook (read by Hitch himself) and in Kindle format.

For more Hitchedy goodness, listen to Podcast #6 for our discussion of The Portable Atheist (or read our review here).

Meanwhile, Ed Buckner has announced he’ll be stepping down as president of American Atheists.  It’ll be hard to fill his soft-spoken, yet undaunted, shoes.

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Recorded July 3, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

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