Help make Songs From the Science Frontier a reality

I got this message from singer/songwriter Monty Harper.  Sounds like a project worthy of our support!

“Songs From the Science Frontier” will be a CD of unique science songs for kids ages 8-12, and I’m using to try and raise the money to make a really top-flight recording.

The songs are unique because they focus on every-day scientists and current scientific research.

Specific topics include phototaxic bacteria, stress hormones, wheat genomics, bacterial biofilms, bat taxonomy, x-ray crystallography, and luminescence dating! The deeper messages are that science is a process done by real people; science is important, cool, fun, and relevant; and science belongs to everyone!

Would you check out my three-minute pitch video on

Here’s the link:

I need an insane number of people to see the website and make pledges in order to reach my funding goal.

My deadline is August 21. If I don’t reach the goal by then, I won’t get any money at all and I’ll have to put the project on hold.

I’m hoping you’ll find this to be worthy of your support, and worth a mention on American Freethought.


Please help make “Songs From the Science Frontier” a reality!
Pre-order here:

Monty Harper
Award-Winning Children’s Songwriter
Stillwater, OK
(405) 624-3805

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