Gettin’ Rational in Knoxville

Good times in Knoxville, TN!  L to R: Vonda, David, Allison and John off Market Square in historic downtown Knoxville.  David, in his capacity as ambassador for Atheist Alliance International, gave a talk on Sunday, August 1st, to the Rationalists of East Tennessee.  The rest of us came along for the ride.  Knoxville is a town definitely worth a weekend visit–Market Square is pretty happenin’, with restaurants, shops, and Shakespeare in the Square (“Romeo and Juliet” this weekend).  We topped the evening off with cool jazz at the S&W Grand.  And the Rationalists could not have been a nicer crowd.

Sorry I haven’t posted much on the blog lately.  I’m pulling our presentation together for next weekend (Sunday, August 8th), when David and I will be presenting to the Atlanta Freethought Society.  Come see us if you’re in town!

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