Podcast #102 – The Chaplain and the Atheist

We discuss journalist Michael M. Phillips’ Wall Street Journal article “A Chaplain and an Atheist Go to War.”  It’s the story of Navy Chaplain Terry Moran (a fundamentalist and Young Earth Creationist) and his bodyguard Religious Programs Specialist 2nd Class Philip Chute, a Dawkins-toting atheist, who serve the troops in Afghanistan.

We’re also struck by the similarity of their relationship to that described between the Chaplain and Corporal Whitcomb in Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22.  In Heller’s satirical classic, the Chaplain is a spineless Anabaptist who’s afraid of his own shadow, while Corporal Whitcomb–an atheist–undermines the Chaplain at every turn, while simultaneously dreaming up ways to increase troop participation in church services.


Feedback!  We’re popular with the young folks (or at least, one young folk).  Why can’t David pronounce “Copenhagen” like a real American?  And what’s with our bleeping of all the swear words?  For what it’s worth, if you can’t get enough swearing check out this YouTube video of all the curses in Episode 1 Season 1 of Deadwood.


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Recorded September 12, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

To listen to this episode click here.

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