Rally to Restore Sanity

We’re headin’ to Washington!  The entire American Freethought crew will be in attendance at Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” October 30th on the National Mall.

If there’s one drum The Daily Show beats on over and over, it’s that politics in this country has become absurd, in a way it didn’t used to be.  It’s not enough just to disagree with Obama.  Politically viable opposition nowadays means you have to assert that Obama is not an American citizen, is a terrorist-loving socialist, or a Communist, or a secret Muslim.  (And lest liberals think they’re off the hook, they should remember the days when George W. Bush was equated with Hitler. He was a horrible president, but Hitler?)  Nobody can debate the issues anymore on merit alone.  It’s not enough to have ideas that win–the object now is to win, period.

And the media isn’t helping.  Fox News started the ball rolling on this one.  It’s not so much that they offer a conservative take on the news–it’s that they turned TV debate into gladiatorial combat.  Get Al Sharpton talking to G. Gordon Liddy, and it’s pure gold entertainment-wise, but it adds nothing substantive or productive. And it’s led to absurdities like Sarah Palin being a viable political force, and candidates like Rand Paul and Christine O’Donnell having an actual shot at federal power.

Anybody remember Jon Stewart’s 2004 appearance on Crossfire?  Where he chastised the news commentary business for being “partisan hacks” and for “hurting America.”  Here’s a taste:

We’d like to hear from our readers/listeners on why they’re attending (or not attending).

John C. Snider

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