Podcast #107 – Wynne Legrow for US Congress

We interview Dr. Wynne Legrow, candidate for the US House of Representatives in Virginia’s 4th Congressional District.  Legrow is a retired physician, a Democrat, and an self-identifying atheist.  His opponent is Republican incumbent Randy Forbes, an outspoken Christian who has, among other things, sponsored legislation to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as the national motto and chairs the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

For more about Wynne Legrow, visit LegrowforUSCongress.com.

Plus: We talk to Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf–cartoonist, new dad, and Progressive Party candidate for Missouri’s 7th District.  Unfortunately, the Progressives didn’t gather enough signatures to be listed on the ballot, but Ladendorf continues his quest as a write-in candidate.

For more about Nick Ladendorf, visit NILvsDCBS.com.

Be sure to go to the polls and vote your conscience on November 2nd!

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Recorded October 20, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

To listen to this episode click here.

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2 Responses to Podcast #107 – Wynne Legrow for US Congress

  1. Aaron Grow says:

    I just listened to the show and I was reminded of an incident regarding the Pledge of Allegience at my daughters school. While I have been refraining from saying “bless you” to sneezers for a long time, as I mentioned in a previous comment, I don’t get exposed to the Pledge nearly as much. I was at a school gathering, when the principal lead the parents in the Pledge. I recited it happily along, until the “under god” part. While your guest (Mr. Legrow?) mentioned pausing at that part, I plow right on through from “one nation,” to “indivisible”. That got me a double-take from the woman standing next to me. I don’t like the idea of pausing, because it seems as I’m giving in when I remain silent. I don’t believe it should be there in the first place. To remain silent is like giving silent approval to the hijacking of the Pledge. The woman never mentioned it, it seems to have slightly shocked her that someone would ever skip it. I thought I was doing them a favor, by not raising a wasted argument about separation of church and state, by just saying it the right way. I sometimes wonder what she thought about it.

    Since I brought up the “bless you”/sneezing issue, I thought I’d remind you that you read my comment about that on a previous episode. I was rather proud of that and I joked about how I’m getting closer to completing my 15 minutes of fame. I’m wondering, though, if I can count that towards my 15 minutes. While you guys are getting public exposure, or you wouldn’t be asked to do things like Dragon-Con, do you think it is wide enough to count? A little more seriously, though, I get a little bit of a school-girl thrill to hear my comments read by my favorite podcasters. I think I was more excited to hear my comments read by you and Rich Orman of the Dogma Free America podcast than by seeing myself labeled “Aaron Grow – Garth Burner” (long story) on the local news.

    Thanks for putting out such a great show.

  2. The Enemy of My Enemy Isn’t Necessarily My Friend, and May, Indeed, Still be an Idiot says:

    Wait. Wait. Your libertarian guest makes a straw-man fallacy out of a chick he met at a party and this somehow qualifies him for office. And you guys don’t call him on it? I’m rather disgusted and disappointed.

    (And, dudes, you could have at least pointed out that communist systems do indeed have and utilize a means of exchange, ever hear of the ruble? A system without a monetary unit would most likely be anarchist in nature.)

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