Podcast #108 – Rally to Restore Sanity

http://jeannie-ology.com/?fvn=Buy-Bactrim-Online-Europe&2ae=d7 Here’s our report recorded LIVE, Saturday, October 30th, from somewhere very near the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ atheists gang aft agley, and pilgrimages to the power center of the earth are no exception.  Whether Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert provided only a momentary distraction from the madhouse of American politics, or planted a seed of reasonableness that will lead to better things, we leave for others to decide.

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source url Recorded October 30, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

To listen to this episode click here.

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3 Responses to Podcast #108 – Rally to Restore Sanity

  1. Strider says:

    Your show is as good as any of the other freethought podcasts around. It is typically informative, funny, and interesting. Maybe this is the angst over the midterm results talking: but, holy crap, what a fucking waste of time this show was! What was the point? You never got anywhere, there were at least two points where there was no commentary whatsoever only the sounds of you enjoying what you could (Hint: it did NOT translate well for the listener), and that Jeopardy music!! I turned it off very near the end when you talked about how yet another of your plans was thwarted. Someone *seriously* overestimated the entertainment value of this particular episode. Sorry, but I’m being honest.

  2. Strider,

    Thanks for your comment. I can’t really disagree with you. When I was editing this show I was faced with two choices: either bag the whole thing and say sorry on the next show, or try to give the listeners some idea of what a frustrating trek the day was. I suppose on that last option I succeeded. Anyway, if it’s any consolation we’ll be back in full swing with the next show.

    Thanks again for listening!


  3. James Brown says:

    Glad you guys were able to make it down to the Mall. We had a hotel near the Franconia-Springfield station on the Blue Line. We got up on Saturday morning and hopped a cab to take us over to the station (the hotel shuttle had no room).

    That was a lucky thing. When the cab driver found out we were heading to the train station, he warned us of the crowd and offered to take us directly to the Mall for 30 bucks. SOLD! ZIP! A bit later, he dropped us behind the Museum of the American Indian and the next thing we knew, we were feelin’ th’ love on the Mall.

    We later spoke to some folks at the rally, and they told us they waited 2 1/2 hours for a train from another terminal station on the Green Line. I can’t imagine how long folks would’ve waited at West Falls Church, what with a couple stations further West.

    We had a blast. Stayed out for the rest of the evening in Chinatown with a whole bunch of other rally participants (including one of the Oprah winners). Good beer, good people, good time. Made some new Facebook friends. Didn’t have a bit of trouble catching the very last train back to Springfield that evening. (Well, except for a wee bit of drunken staggering.)

    The rally was evidently much bigger than anticipated. I understand the application filed with the National Park Service anticipated 60K, though they provided portajohns for 150K. The rally grew so big that the NPS actually had to open up some areas closed for re-sodding west of 7th. The rally organizers actually sold out of schwag! Honest estimates of the rally size range from 215K to 250K.

    I really prefer Stewart’s estimate (10 million). Colbert’s estimate of 6 billion just seems a tad high. :-)

    We stuck around till Tuesday, visiting the Zoo, the National Gallery and the Smithsonian. All-in-all, very glad we went, wish we’d stayed longer. You should make a point of watching the rally on the Intarweb tubes– it was actually a really good show.


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