Podcast #112 – Bluegrass Edition

The great Commonwealth of Kentucky has gotten itself in the news on several counts–none of them good.

1. It’s bad enough that Answers in Genesis’ Creation “Museum” in northern Kentucky is prospering.  It’s worse that AIG plans to expand, building an “Ark Encounter” amusement park.  The worst part is the state government is offering millions of dollars of tax incentives to what amounts to a religious indoctrination center that peddles anti-scientific folderol.  But wait–there’s more!  Turns out that state officials never even saw the alleged feasibility study, and AIG isn’t sharing so much as the executive summary with the media.  Science academics in Kentucky are none too happy with the state’s implicit support of bad science for the sake of a few dozen low-paying jobs.  And AIG’s Ken Ham’s none too happy with the intellectual ass-whoopin’ he’s been getting.

2. Astronomer Martin Gaskell has gone to court with the University of Kentucky, claiming he was denied a position at the new observatory because of his religious views.  Given that Dr. Gaskell has been giving public presentations like this, in which he condemns the atheistic worldview as a path to destruction, and given that this new job has a very public face, it’s no wonder UK turned him down.

3. A judge recently ruled unconstitutional a Kentucky statute requiring the state’s Director of Homeland Security to recognize “Almighty God” in the department’s annual report.  The state is appealing, and nearly all the state legislators have signed on to amicus briefs in support of the law!

4. Finally, drivers in the Commonwealth will soon have the option to sport the national motto “In God We Trust” on their license plates.  Joy.

Plus:  The Holey Scripture!  We continue our exploration of the psychedelic creepiness that is the Book of Revelation.


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Recorded December 21, 2010.  Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.

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