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America’s True History of Religious Tolerance

Here’s an excellent article from Smithsonian magazine looking at the myth of America’s longstanding tradition of tolerance of religious diversity.  I’ve said before that, if you really look into the early history of this country, you’ll see that the First … Continue reading

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Dawkins picks Hitch as 2010 hero

Richard Dawkins has written a rousing essay at praising Christopher Hitchens as his hero for 2010.  I agree.  It takes more than esophageal cancer to stop the Hitch from debating–and destroying– the likes of William Dembski, David Berlinski and … Continue reading

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KY to provide tax breaks for Creationist museum

Remember Ken Ham’s Creation Museum?  It’s going gangbusters; so much so that they announced a dramatic expansion into the theme park business.  “Ark Encounter” will include “the ark, live animals, event venues and a children’s play area, among other things.” … Continue reading

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