John Paul II to be beatified. Yeah. Right.

If you’re looking for proof that the Roman Catholic Church is intellectually bankrupt and an open, cynical sham, look no further than the upcoming beatification of the late Pope John Paul II.  He’ll officially be declared “blessed” on May 1st–it might be more appropriate if they moved the ceremony up a month.

Does anyone seriously think the Vatican looked into the “miraculous” healing of a nun suffering from Parkinson’s who prayed to John Paul II with any kind of objectivity?  I would *love* to see them turn this over to an independent investigative panel.  Can we establish that this nun actually had Parkinson’s?  Can we establish that she actually prayed to JP2?  Can we establish that she is now free of Parkinson’s?  Most importantly, and assuming the answer is yes to the first three questions, can we establish a causal rather than mere sequential relationship between them?

And people take this church seriously.

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