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Podcast #117 – Andrea Steele (International Freethought Film Fest)

We interview Andrea Steele, founder and executive director of the Freethought Film Festival Foundation.  Their first event–the International Freethought Film Festival–is May 13th-15th in Tampa, Florida.  TICKETS GO ON SALE March 3rd! In other movie news, Paul Bettany (The Da … Continue reading

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Billy Ray Cyrus: Ignorant Bigot

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has made its contributions to the world: Abraham Lincoln; Muhammad Ali; Yours Truly.  And then there’s Billy Ray Cyrus.  I can’t say the man is a complete idiot: he must have something going for him to … Continue reading

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Obama administration drops defense of DOMA

Well, this week has been (mostly) full of good news on the civil rights front.  First, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from Kentucky that would seek to keep displays of the Ten Commandments. Then a court ruled … Continue reading

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Court rules Obamacare does not violate religious freedom

The Associated Press reports: “A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit claiming that President Barack Obama’s requirement that all Americans have health insurance violates the religious freedom of those who rely on God to protect them.”  I can … Continue reading

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SCOTUS refuses to hear 10C appeal

The Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal of two Kentucky counties over displays featuring the Ten Commandments. McCreary and Pulaski Counties already lost this battle back in 2005, when the Court ruled that the displays were essentially religious … Continue reading

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Conservative atheists revisited

A couple of years ago I posted this conversation about the challenges facing the minority of atheists who are also political conservatives.  Now the NYT has revisited the issue with “A Place on the Right for a Few Godless Conservatives.” … Continue reading

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Podcast #116 – Darwin Day vs In God We Trust

We look at two non-binding resolutions currently in the works within the new US House of Representatives: one in support of Darwin Day (February 12th), and another looking to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as the national motto.  Guess which … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged movie trailer

Here’s the trailer for the the upcoming film “Atlas Shrugged, Part 1,” based on the novel by Ayn Rand. Love it or hate it, Atlas Shrugged has had an impact on the atheistic landscape, and a cinematic adaptation has the … Continue reading

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US House committee considering a resolution on Darwin Day

Holy Shit!  How fantastic would it be if the US House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring Darwin Day (which is coming up February 12)?  I’ve gotten action alerts from the Secular Coalition for America, American Atheists and the Center … Continue reading

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Three days of atheism in KY (and Ohio)

Boy, if I had plenty of vacation leave at the day job, I’d be all over this.  And in my home state, too! 1) February 22, 2011 at 7:00 pm. Eastern. David Silverman, President of American Atheists, speaks to FIG … Continue reading

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