Obama to make Easter prayer breakfast an annual event

What happened to the crypto-Muslim (or crypto-atheist) that Obama’s detractors so loved to hate? For that matter, what happened to the change Obama promised those who voted for him? To be sure, there has been SOME change, but other things are extraordinarily the same. Not only does the president participate in the not-so-crypto-fascist sponsored National Prayer Breakfast, but now he’s organizing his own Easter prayer breakfast–and promising to make it an annual event! Read this transcript and tell me what you’d think if this were George W. Bush. For the life of me I can’t figure out what happened. Obama is trying to out-Jesus even GWB???

While it’s true that the president doesn’t surrender his religious beliefs or his religious rights when he takes the oath of office, it’s also true that the president’s actions can be seen to favor (or disfavor) one religion over another. It’s one thing for the president to (say) attend an Easter prayer breakfast as a private citizen; it’s something else entirely for him to organize one in his capacity as the president, which is what’s happening here.

If Obama’s not careful, his courting of the independent voter and his appeasement (which will never, never, never work) of the Religious Right, he will lose his re-election bid. It’s not that the liberal base will vote for someone else; rather, they’ll more like just get disgusted and refuse to vote.

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