Obama releases long form birth certificate

President Obama has finally released his long-form birth certificate, and it should come as no surprise to any thinking person that it shows he was born in the United States.

How many “Birthers” will now publicly agree that they were wrong?  Not very many.  Like most conspiracy fetishists, no amount of facts will talk them off that ledge.  Look for Birther-think to split into one of two main camps:

a) The long-form is a fraud.  Rinse.  Repeat.

b) Change accusations: instead of being an illegal alien, the president thought he had something to hide.  The president should have released the long-form years ago, the new arguments will go, and saved the country all this trouble.  (Of course, this ignores the fact that Obama’s birthplace was ALREADY and firmly–one would think–irrefutably established, both by the short-form and by TWO contemporary newspaper announcements of the birth of a baby named Barack Obama.  Why did Obama wait so long?  One possibility is that he wanted to give the Birthers more rope to hang themselves with.  He probably figured that once Donald Trump jumped on the Birther-wagon it couldn’t get any more ridiculous.)

It should be fun to watch the Birthers jump through their own sphincters to explain themselves.

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