The crazies come out for God

When the crazies come out of the woodwork, you can almost bet they have one thing on their minds.  Atheism?  God?  Let’s take a look…

As if we haven’t had enough of air piracy in the last ten years… Rageh Ahmed Mohammed al-Mirisi tried to storm the cockpit of an American Airlines flight as it was on landing approach for San Francisco.  Witnesses reported he repeatedly slammed into the cockpit door, yelling, “There is no God and I can indulge myself with impunity!”Allahu Akbar!” (You probably already saw where that one was going.)  Luckily, he was subdued by crew and fellow passengers, and now faces a considerable jail sentence.

And in a truly horrific incident, a man randomly attacked a tourist in Tenerife (in Spain’s Canary Islands) with a knife, beheaded her in a crowded marketplace, then walked off with her head, declaring, “There is no God and I can indulge myself with impunity!”God is on Earth.”  The assailant, known locally as Deyan Valentinov D,” had a history of violence and psychological problems, believing he was a Prophet of God.

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