Podcast #125 – Sex and Secularism

We interview researchers Dr. Darrel Ray and Amanda Brown about “Sex and Secularism,” their recently released survey of the sex lives of thousands of non-theists. Some of the answers may surprise you.  To download the survey visit IPCPress.com. Also, be sure to visit AtheismResource.com, cofounded by Amanda and her husband, a site “designed to give easy access to loads of information on the subject of atheism from a historical, cultural, political, psychological, sociological, and scientific perspective.”  Darrel Ray is the author of The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture and Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality, due out this fall.

Miss USA is a “huge science geek.”  Miss California Alyssa Campanella was crowned amid some controversy: among the questions asked of this year’s contestants was “Should evolution be taught in the schools?” The montage at the top of the show features the answers of Miss Alabama, Miss Alaska, Miss Arizona, Miss Arkansas and Miss California. Those with strong constitutions can listen to the entire 15-minute clip with the answers from all 51 contestants.

Skepticamp Atlanta 2011 was a great success! The presentations were great overall, with two exceptions (one for a series of tragically comic technical glitches, and another for being, well, not rigorously skeptical).  And John’s Trivia Challenge was well-received. The winner was none other than Steve DeGroof, creator of Tree Lobsters.

David Driscoll’s other project, Secular World podcast (formerly Secular Nation podcast) continues.

John Snider will be repeating his 20th Century Twain presentation on July 3 for theFellowship of Reason at the Atlanta Freethought Hall.


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