Podcast #127 – Atlanta Skepticamp Trivia Challenge

This is an encore presentation of the Atlanta Skepticamp Trivia Challenge, presented by John C. Snider on Sunday, June 12th. We thought our listeners might want to take a whack at these questions and see how they do.

Thanks to Abrupt Media for the recording. Click here for more pictures from the event.

If you’re really into trivia, John will be doing ANOTHER Trivia Challenge this Saturday (July 16th) for the Atlanta Skeptics, 7PM at Manuel’s Tavern. There will be prizes. You’ll need to RSVP at the Atlanta Skeptics Meetup page. See you there!


Listener feedback! A teacher in Switzerland gets fired for challenging the intermingling of church and state (see also the Freethinkers Association of Switzerland), and a listener thinks we’re not skeptical enough about Bill Maher’s opinions on “agribusiness.”

David Driscoll’s Secular World podcast (formerly Secular Nation podcast) continues.

John and Allison will be attending the Tim Minchin concert at Atlanta’s Center Stage, Thursday, July 14th, along with several other members of the local skeptic and freethought communities.


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To listen to this episode click here.


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