Podcast #128 – Anders Breivik: Zealot or Madman?

Norway mourns the massacre of at least 76 citizens at the hands of native son Anders Breivik, who describes himself as a Christian conservative and crusading knight protecting Nordic culture from Islamic infiltrators. But it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking that bombing and murder are truly things that Jesus Christ would want them to do. So is Breivik a sane but fanatical Christian, or just another in a long line of crazy people who glom onto religion as an excuse to act out their issues?

On a lighter note, both John and David had an opportunity to see singer/songwriter/comedian Tim Minchin perform in Atlanta and DC, respectively. Consensus: DO NOT miss an opportunity to see this incredibly funny and talented freethinker perform!

David shares some of his favorite wacky Tea Party quotes, and…

Georgia is calling for a do-over in public voting over the design for the new state license plate. Three of the designs prominently featured “In God We Trust,” and–surprise surprise–those are the three that made the final round.  But wait! Turns out IGWT was intended as a optional decal (for an extra buck) that citizens can buy regardless of the final design. Sounds fishy; nonetheless, the state has reposted the competing designs so people can vote on them based on aesthetics alone.


David Driscoll’s Secular World podcast (formerly Secular Nation podcast) continues.

Tickets are now available for the Atlanta Skeptics Star Party, Thursday, September 1st at Emory University. Guests include Phil Plait (BadAstronomy.com), Pamela Gay (The Astronomy Cast) and Nicole Gugliucci (NoisyAstronomer.com). And, of course, the entire American Freethought quartet will be in attendance. Proceeds go to Light the Night – the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


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