Like the shoes? Don’t Minchin it!

I’ve become a huge Tim Minchin fan over the last couple of years. Not only is he an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and comedian, he’s an unrelenting cheerleader for science, skepticism and critical thinking. He just finished his first tour of the United States, but fans in Ireland and the UK should have numerous opportunities to see him in the coming months.

One of Minchin’s best bits is “Storm,” a ten-minute beat poem in which he debates science-vs-woo with a lovely but vacuous latter-day hippy. “Storm” was recently animated by Tracy King and DC Turner, and to describe it as an instant classic of skeptical evangelism is no exaggeration.

And while I have never dressed up in costume for Dragon*Con, I have been trying to think of something to help me fit in amongst my fellow über-nerds, especially whilst I camp out on the Skeptics Track.  And so…










You like? The daughter of one of my co-workers is a budding artist (budding? who am I kidding, she IS an artist!) who likes to transform plain, inexpensive sneakers from Walmart into animation-inspired objets d’art. And so, my new shoes capture the moment in which a small crack appears in Tim’s diplomacy dike.

Pretty cool, huh?

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