Podcast #130 – The Fundagelical Politics of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann

The Republican presidential race is in full swing, and fundamental evangelicalism is already playing an important part. We look at the religious views (and actions) of two frontrunners: Texas Governor Rick Perry and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Specifically, check out Timothy Egan’s NYT article “Rick Perry’s Unanswered Prayers” and Bachmann’s August 14 appearance on Meet the Press (go to the 3:00 mark to listen to the discussion of her religious views).


David Driscoll’s Secular World podcast(formerly Secular Nation podcast) continues.

Tickets have sold out for the Atlanta Skeptics Star Party, Thursday, September 1st at Emory University. If you bought tickets but find you can’t go, please contact us.

Atheist Alliance of America is now planning its first national convention after the recent re-org that split AAA from Atheist Alliance International. It’s October 7-9 in Houston, Texas. Guest speakers include PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer and more.


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To listen to this episode click here.

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