Rick Perry is Strong. Bullshit Strong.

Good grief. Rick Perry is losing support among likely Republican voters, polling just ahead of herpes Rick Santorum. What’s a fella to do? Why, play the religion card, of course! Here’s “Strong,” the new TV ad he’s running in Iowa.

I admit I laughed out loud when he opens with “I’m not ashamed to call myself a Christian.” If there’s one thing candidates can count on to boost their numbers nowadays, it’s to run as fast as they can toward a Bible. Preferably a King James Version.

And what the hell is Perry smoking if he thinks Barack “I’ll attend the National Prayer Breakfast despite revelations on the Family/let’s continue funding of Faith-Based Initiatives/let’s get homophobe Rick Warren to do the invocation at my inauguration/my position on gay marriage is evolving but I’m still agin it/let’s keep IGWT as the national motto” Obama is waging a War on Religion?

Perry’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don’t think even he believes that kids can’t pray in schools anymore.  I think he thinks that old canard will draw in a lot of hayseeds. And gays serving in the military? You’d think he could make some hay out of the sudden chaos the dropping of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has caused in the US military.  Oh, that’s right, there is no chaos. Anyhoo…I think Perry’s just wants to save face and hang in there until after he loses in Iowa.

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