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Podcast #161 – Could I Vote for a Mormon for President?

We interview Ryan T. Cragun, coauthor (with Rick Phillips) of Could I Vote for a Mormon for President? For the full show notes and to listen to this episode click here.

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Podcast #160 – Teresa MacBain

We interview the former Methodist minister now Public Relations Director for American Atheists. Plus: A special announcement from AA president Dave Silverman about the upcoming 50th anniversary convention in Austin, Texas. For the full show notes and to listen to … Continue reading

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More Muslim violence threatens free speech

[Update: We now know that a) the producer of “Innocence of Muslims” is a Coptic Christian and b) the riot in Libya was actually a carefully coordinated terrorist attack.] To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “There they go again.” In the latest … Continue reading

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Podcast #159 – Live at Dragon*Con 2012

Presenting our live show from the Skeptrack at Dragon*Con 2012. For the full show notes and to listen to the podcast click here.

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Democrats should have stuck with their godless platform

How lilly-livered can the Democrats get? First they adopt a party platform that contains no reference to God (the first time, apparently, that this has happened in recent times). The Republicans predictably make an issue of it, but rather than … Continue reading

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The Fun Scientists

If you’re not familiar with the work of Reg Finley, you should be. He’s the original “Infidel Guy,” a black atheist who started doing freethought-themed internet radio waaay before anybody had ever heard of podcasting. His latest enterprise is “The … Continue reading

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