Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to the readers and listeners of American Freethought! Your support and feedback are greatly appreciated.

It’s been a heckuva year. Sold a house. Bought a house. Lost a father. Celebrated five years of the blog/podcast. Observed and participated in a historic presidential election (is there any other kind?). Survived the end of the world (again). And hope never to hear the phrase “fiscal cliff” again as long as I live.

I believe in New Year’s resolutions, even if they don’t last 90 days, or a month, or even a week. Better a week of improved living than nothing at all. Most of my resolutions are pretty mundane stuff: lose weight, get healthier, work smarter, read more, be a better husband, etc.

One of the things near the top of my list is to breathe new life into American Freethought. I’ve been greatly remiss in my blogging duties here (selling a house and moving into a newly purchased one is a major time sink…but enough excuses). I pledge to post much more regularly in the New Year–if not daily, then damned near daily. Hopefully someone (a great many someones) will find the effort useful.

Take a moment in the next day or two to add up the things that make your life worth living, and to be thankful for them. Also, take a moment to think of the things about the world that need fixing or improving, and consider what you can do to help fix or improve them. It’s an exercise worth doing any time of the year, and New Year’s Day is as good a day as any. What harm could it do?

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