7 reasons to tell your kids there is no god

One of the most frequent concerns heard by nonreligious parents regards the raising of children; indeed, having children and not knowing where to go to teach them ethics is one of the most common reason atheists end up as regular churchgoers.

Luckily, more and more nonbelievers are sharing their advice –via books, blogs, etc.–on how to raise children in a secular household. And there’s “Why I Raise My Children Without God,” a heartfelt essay posted at CNN iReport. The saddest thing is to read the CNN producer’s note at the beginning begging religionists to stop tagging the essay as “inappropriate.” Take some time when you get to the bottom of the article to read the hateful comments from people who just can’t be happy knowing someone out there doesn’t believe the way they do.

(Thanks to Trevor for the tip!)

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