Obama picks a new minister for the inauguration

I posted a few days ago that the megachurch slickster that the president–for who knows what reason–picked to pray at his second inauguration had dropped out over the heat he was taking for an anti-gay sermon he delivered a few years back. I had suggested that IF it were absolutely necessary to have an invocation, the least the president could do was to pick, not some fundamentalist asshole or prosperity gospel moron, but someone with a little more progressive bent for the job.

The new pick sounds like a good one: Luis Leon of St. John’s Church in Washington, DC, where the president (like several presidents before him) often goes to worship. Leon is an Episcopal priest whose congregation (and denomination) welcomes gay members and even has gay priests.

Reverend Leon will deliver the benediction, while Myrlie Evers-Williams, widow of civil rights martyr Medger Evers, will deliver the invocation (another good choice, given that the inauguration falls on the official observance of Martin Luther King Day).

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