God is always on the side of those who have the most revolvers

I was interested to read today that scholars have found a previously unknown poem by the late, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Carl Sandburg (1878-1967). Sandburg is probably best-known for his poem “Chicago,” which lent the nickname “City of the Big Shoulders” to that city.

This new poem is called “Revolver,” which I found to be a) an excellent, thoughtful piece, b) shockingly current in its subject matter, given all the hullabaloo lately over gun violence in the US, and c) cynically accurate about certain aspects of the success of certain religions.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to commit a piece of poetry to memory each month. I may have to add this one to the rotation.

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2 Responses to God is always on the side of those who have the most revolvers

  1. I like how they verified it’s authenticity, with the smudged letters and the dreadful onion skin typewriter paper. We are often defined by our imperfections. Nice post, thanks!

    Oh, and thank you again for my pseudonym, which I read in one of your blog posts a few years back. It gave me a chuckle then and has served me well!

  2. Ha! Glad you’re enjoying your nom-de-guerre.

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