Say hello to the ATL CoR

I just came away from a meeting today that will see the birth of a new secular alliance: the Atlanta Coalition of Reason!

“ATL CoR” is the latest local branch of the United Coalition of Reason (UnitedCoR), a national non-profit founded in February 2009 “that helps local nontheistic groups work together to achieve higher visibility, gain more members, and have a greater impact on their local areas.”

ATL CoR has selected a local coordinator, a media spokesperson, and a webmaster. I’ll share the details once things are officially announced and the web page is set up.

Many thanks to Fred Edwords, National Director of UnitedCoR, for coming to town and helping us launch this new network. Fred has served the secular community for decades in various capacities, up to and including being Executive Director of the American Humanist Association. Thanks also to Ed Buckner (former president of American Atheists and former Executive Director of the Council for Secular Humanism) for bringing together all the various local leaders to make this thing happen.

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