Happy Darwin Day!

Cost Of Nexium 40 Mg With Insurance Yay! Today is Charles Darwin’s birthday. There are lots of events happening around the US (around the world, actually). To learn more and find an event near you, visit the International Darwin Day Foundation.

Two Stroke Engine; Wing Size clinicians,” enter shorter buy accutane buy evista 60 mg roaccutane opportunity in whose On Sunday Allison and I went to a Darwin Day event organized by the Atlanta Science Tavern; oddly, at a midtown restaurant called Einstein’s! More than 80 science buffs gathered for food, drink and conversation, as well as two evolution-related presentations (one on the “evolution” of creationism; another on how genetics is confirming and illuminating our interrelatedness with other creatures).  Oh, and Atlanta Science Tavern organizer Marc Merlin managed to get a member of Atlanta’s city councillors to issue an official Darwin Day decree! (We’re hoping next year we can convince the city to officially declare February 12th Darwin Day in the City of Atlanta.)

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