Podcast #172 – National Atheist Party

We interview Troy Boyle, president of the new National Atheist Party. For more about the NAP visit USANAP.org.

Plus: Pat Robertson is at it again. This time he’s warning against the dangers of possessed pre-owned sweaters. And finally, check out the new hardcover edition of the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. It’s a bug-crushing 1,632 pages, containing the full King James Bible with detailed skeptical commentary from author Steve Wells.  As always, the SAB is available online at SkepticsAnnotatedBible.com.

And a reminder:  Derek Colanduno of Skepticality, Blake Smith of Monster Talk, and John Snider of American Freethought will do a special presentation for the Atlanta Skeptics. It’s a fundraiser for the upcoming Atlanta Skepticamp. For more info visit meetup.com/atlantaskeptics.

To listen to this episode click here.

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