Morals without God

A couple of weeks ago we attended this talk at Emory University called “Morals without God? A conversation about evolution, morality and religion.” A recording of the event has now been made available here.

The participants were Franz de Waal (the world-famous primatologist) and Jeffrey Schloss (a biology professor and Christian who nonetheless accepts the truth of evolution by natural selection). Ironically (or maybe not so ironically), neither of the participants took the view that belief in God was necessary for morality, although Schloss dodged the question slightly by claiming that IF atheists were good, it was ultimately because the Creator God had imbued the Universe with goodness.

This event was sponsored by the Veritas Forum (a Christian organization that challenges academia’s evil triad of Scientism, Relativism and Hedonism–don’t believe me? Watch their introductory video here.) While I’m deeply suspicious of the motives of Veritas and the organizations that fund it, I have to admit they put on a good show, and do offer events that are entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

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