Has Michelle Shocked gone nuts?

I was a big fan way-back-when of East Texas singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked, but I never particularly held her up as any kind of role model or anything. Plus… I always just assumed she was Of Alternative Sexuality. But who cares?

In recent years, Shocked has apparently evolved in her religious beliefs, including an embrace of evangelical Christianity. Certainly, she’s entitled to her opinions, but she’s not entitled to unchallenged opinions.

So it was more than a little weird when she imploded at a show in San Francisco (of all places), by claiming that we are “nearly at the end of time” and implying that Proposition 8 (xxx) would lead to preachers being “held at gunpoint and forced to marry the homosexuals.” While there was some audience laughter at first, it quickly became clear that audience members were angered and offended.  After several minutes of Shocked rambling and audience members heckling, the venue announced the show was over.

You can read more about it (and listen to the whole second set) at LGBT activist John M. Becker’s blog.

Today, Ms. Shocked claimed she was misunderstood.  After listening to the recording, it’s easy to see how she could be, although she clearly stated during her concert that she shared this anti-gay-marriage “vantage point.”

Frankly, I don’t think she’s thinking clearly enough to have a lucid opinion. I could be wrong. There’s no doubt it’ll take a loooong time for her to dig herself outta this hole.

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