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Podcast #188 – Stenography Unhinged

We discuss the puzzling sideshow of Diane Reidy, the stenographer who works for the US House of Representatives, who grabbed the microphone after the vote to end the government shutdown, ranting about the Freemasons, the Constitution, and how this was … Continue reading

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Podcast #187 – Karen Stollznow (God Bless America)

We interview linguist Karen Stollznow, author of God Bless America: Strange and Unusual Religious Beliefs and Practices in the United States (available in paperback and for Kindle). Also check out her ebook Haunting America. Karen has spent two decades writing about a diverse array … Continue reading

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Podcast #186 – IS the Pope Catholic?

Seriously, IS the Pope Catholic? We look at several eyebrow-raising comments about atheists, homosexuals and women made by still-new-at-the job Pope Francis. Does he really intend to steer the church in a fresh direction, or is he just employing soothing … Continue reading

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