Podcast #207 – Ark Encounter Still Afloat

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter continues to grasp for Kentucky taxpayer dollars, despite being a religious operation that promises to discriminate in its hiring policies.

The Supreme Court has put marriage equality on hold in Virginia. Presumably they’ll hear this and other cases in the fall, and with a little luck SCOTUS will rule on behalf of rights and freedom in the spring.


Strap on the lightning rods–David goes to church!

We have feedback! Mostly good, but at least one listener thinks we waste too much time on personal, non-freethoughty stuff. And for those interested in our discussion last time on Secular and Humanist Celebrants, here are some more organizations that endorse nonreligious celebrants:

American Ethical Union – leaders and officiants in Ethical Societies.
International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism – rabbis and leaders.


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