June 3 in freethought history…

madalymurrayohairJune 3, 1968 – Madalyn Murray O’Hair debuts her atheist radio show on KTBC radio in Austin, Texas, brazenly announcing “You are going to hear, for the first time in American history, on a major radio station, the very first broadcast of a regularly scheduled weekly radio program of an Atheist.” The controversial talk show would eventually air on over 150 stations, expanding O’Hair’s freethought audience, but also cementing her reputation as “The Most Hated Woman in America.”

28500June 3, 2011Atheist Alliance International restructures, with its US-based segment becoming an AAI affiliate under the name Atheist Alliance of America. “Atheist Alliance” was originally formed in 1991 from four US-based groups, but quickly attracted international affiliates and was renamed Atheist Alliance Internationl in 2001. The restructuring ten years later was intended to reflect the “international” nature of the organization, and to allow each national affiliate to more easily focus on local issues.

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