July 5 in freethought history…

bobdobbsJuly 5, 1998 – X-Day, proclaimed by the Church of the Subgenius as the day the alien “Xists” from the Planet X would arrive to destroy the earth (but not before their UFOs whisked away the faithful for union with sex goddesses), comes and goes. No aliens. No sex goddesses. Decades before the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (PBUH), the Church of the Subgenius parodied cults and mainstream religions, with their Ward Cleaver-esque prophet Bob Dobbs, devivals, mass marriages (one couple, hundreds of ministers), and general embrace of “Slack.” Undeterred by the failure of X-Day, church members continue to celebrate annually, suggesting that 1998 was a mis-read of 8661.

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