July 6 in freethought history…

fridakahloJuly 6, 1907 – Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is born in Mexico City. Best known for her self-portraits (which highlight her signature unibrow), she was an atheist and a communist, and her artwork often included critical references to religion. She died in 1954, aged 47.

July 6, 1946 - Peter Singer, philosopher and animal rights advocate, is born in Melbourne, Australia. Singer is the author of several books, including the greatly influential Animal Liberation.

July 6, 2006 – The Alabama-based Atheist Law Center is dissolved by founder/leader Larry Darby, less than four years after it was formed. Darby, an attorney, was once active in the atheist movement, as a state coordinator for American Atheists and in opposing the massive Ten Commandments monument placed in the Alabama Supreme Court building by Chief Justice Roy Moore. Darby’s opposition to the Ten Commandments was that they represented “Jewish” law; he is a Holocaust denier, having hosted an appearance by famous denialist David Irving in 2005. He ran in the Democratic primary for Alabama Attorney General in 2006 as an outspoken white supremacist, Holocaust denying Christian, and garnered 43% of the vote. Darby has been denounced by the Alabama Democratic Party and is no longer associated with the freethought movement.

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