September 25 in freethought history…

September 25, 1789 – The United States Congress approves, for ratification by the states, a slate of twelve amendments to the Constitution. With Virginia’s ratification on December 15, 1791, ten of these amendments became the Bill of Rights, ensconcing freedom of speech and religion, and ensuring protection against unreasonable searches and cruel and unusual punishment.

September 25, 2009 – The motion picture Creation, which dramatizes Charles Darwin’s struggle with the publication of The Origin of Species, premieres in London. Starring real-life husband-and-wife Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly as historical husband-and-wife (and first cousins!) Charles and Emma Darwin, the film saw only limited release, and even struggled to find an American distributor due to the ongoing popular attitudes over evolution and the Bible. Despite the controversy, both critics and audiences were indifferent to the film: it earned less than $1 million dollars worldwide on an estimated budget of around $15 million.

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