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September 20 in freethought history…

September 20, 1851 – English animal rights activist Henry Stephens Salt is born in Nynee Tal, India. Raised and educated in England, Salt was a pioneering advocate for vegetarianism and animal rights based on a rational understanding of humanity’s common … Continue reading

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September 19 in freethought history…

September 19, 1876 – While traveling by train to a Civil War reunion in Indianapolis, lawyer Robert Green Ingersoll invited fellow Union veteran Lew Wallace for a private conversation. Ingersoll, then one of the most famous men in America, dubbed … Continue reading

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September 18 in freethought history…

September 18, 1899 – Britain’s Rationalist Press Association holds its first public meeting. Founded by Charles Albert Watts and others in May of that year, the RPA published affordable secularist books that other publishers refused. The RPA was quit successful, but … Continue reading

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September 17 in freethought history…

September 17, 1743 – French philosopher and revolutionary Marquis de Condorcet is born in Ribemont, France. Among his accomplishments were the invention of a form of instant run-off voting (called the Condorcet method), and an essay in which he espoused … Continue reading

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Podcast #233 – Julie J. Ingersoll (Author, Building God’s Kingdom)

We interview Professor Julie J. Ingersoll, author of Building God’s Kingdom: Inside the World of Christian Reconstruction.We talk about how the “DNA” of an obscure conservative movement can be seen in today’s headlines. Plus: Rowan County, Kentucky’s “other Kim” has the … Continue reading

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September 16 in freethought history…

September 16, 1782 – The Great Seal of the United States is used for the first time. The Seal features an eagle clutching arrows in one foot and an olive branch in the other, holding a banner in its beak on … Continue reading

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September 15 in freethought history…

September 15, 1525 – Dutch Roman Catholic priest Jan de Bakker (aka Johannes Pistorius) is burned at the stake in The Hague by order of the Inquisition. He rejected the doctrine of transubstantiation, condemned indulgences as idolatry, and protested clerical celibacy by … Continue reading

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September 14 in freethought history…

September 14, 1793 – Scottish philosopher and revolutionary John Oswald dies supporting the French Revolution at the Battle of Les Ponts-de-Cé, France. Born in Edinburgh between 1755 and 1760, Oswald served with the British army in India, where his exposure to Hindu … Continue reading

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September 13 in freethought history…

September 13, 1872 – German philosopher and anthropologist Ludwig Feuerbach dies near Nuremberg, aged 68. He is best known for his influential book The Essence of Christianity, a critique of religion, translated into English by the novelist George Eliot. September … Continue reading

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September 12 in freethought history…

September 12, 1880 – Journalist H. L. Mencken is born in Baltimore, Maryland. He was well-known for colorful, curmudgeonly cultural commentary in which he spared no one and nothing. He wrote dozens of books, most notably his essay collection Prejudices (seven … Continue reading

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