October 22 in freethought history…

October 22, 1844 – Jesus Christ did not return, nor did the world come to an end, as predicted by Baptist preacher William Miller. This “Great Disappointment” threw the Millerites- many of whom had sold their possessions and put their lives on hold in anticipation of the event–into great confusion. From the various splinter groups that formed from the ashes of Millerism was the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

October 22, 1978 – Rapper Baba Brinkman is born Dirk Murray Brinkman, Jr. in Riondel, Canada. Brinkman is known for his rap music, which incorporates themes from literature, science and freethought/skepticism. His one-man shows and albums include The Rap Canterbury Tales, The Rap Guide to Evolution, The Rap Guide to Human Nature, and The Rap Guide to Religion.

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