February 27 in freethought history…

charleswattsFebruary 27, 1835 - British secularist writer, publisher and lecturer Charles Watts is born in Bristol, England. He co-founded the National Secular Society and (later, after a split with the NSS) the British Secular Union. His wife (born Eunice Kate Nowlan) was an active partner in the secularist and feminist causes. Watts also spent several years in Canada as a leader in that country’s secularist movement. Watts died in 1906, aged 70. His son Charles Albert Watts continued his work.

February 27, 1963Abington v Schempp (consolidated with Murray v Curlett), which challenged public school Bible reading begins two days of argument before the United States Supreme Court. The notoriety of the case led to national fame for the mother of one of the plaintiffs: Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who would soon be declared “the Most Hated Woman in America.”

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