May 15 in freethought history…

felixadlerMay 15, 1876 – Felix Adler delivers a “Founding Address” at the first gathering of what would become the New York Society for Ethical Culture. He concluded his speech by saying, “The time calls for action. Up, then, and let us do our part faithfully and well. And oh, friends, our children’s children will hold our memories dearer for the work which we begin this hour.” In the intervening years, Adler’s vision has expanded to the American Ethical Union, which includes 25 Ethical Societies in the United States.

May 15, 1946 – English secularist publisher and activist Charles Albert Watts dies, aged 87. He was the son of prominent secularists Charles Watts and Kate Eunice Watts. In 1885, he founded Watts’s Literary Guide, which would become New Humanist magazine, now published quarterly. He also founded what would become the Rationalist Press Association.

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